How To Decorating A Christmas Tree Like A Pro

Decorating a Christmas tree like a pro is easier than it looks. Here are some different themed Christmas tree ideas to get you inspired this holiday season. But before we get to the themes, we going to share designer tips to help you level up your Christmas tree this year.

Start With Lights

The foundation of your Christmas tree design is the light. The designer rule of thumb is a hundred lights for every 1.5 feet but better a ton of lights. So feel free to add more if you're using lights from previous years. Be sure always to check that your lights are working before you string them on your tree. Many artificial trees are pre-lit and have the lights already integrated, but you could always add more.

As through the debate of colored vs. white lights, it depends on what looks and feels you're going for. We are going to use both in different theme designs.

Go For Garland

Garland can be anything that you're draping on your tree around or vertically. These can be ribbon strands of popcorn fabric or an actual Garland Barnabus. There are no firm rules here, but we've got a few tips.

  • Start with your favorite ornaments to give them a prime location where you can best see them.
  • Next add your largest ornaments and then fill in with the medium or small ones.
  • Make sure you're not just putting ornaments on the outside edges of the tree.
  • A designer secret is putting ornaments deeper into the branches so that you can ensure that your tree has visual depth.
  • The last step is tree choice, are you theme real or artificial either will work for all the designs.

Christmas decor tends to lean a bit traditional, but if you like the modern style, a slimmer tree with a modern style will work best with the design. And if you are going with a live tree, look for one that's just a little less full, look of the flocked tree.

Tips To Create The Perfect Homespun Tree

Here are some tips on how to create the perfect homespun tree.

Design it with all those handmade kid ornaments that you've collected over the years.

Colored lights work perfectly on a homespun tree. It works with all of your kid's handmade colorful ornaments.

But add even more whimsy and play into that we have added oversized colored lights.

In addition to what already came on the pre-lit tree, the key here is to embrace the eclectic.

You may have ornaments when your kids are in preschool all the way through, and that's what makes them so special. But the way to make them feel not so chaotic on the tree is to try to add some oversized ornaments, this will kind of balance out all the chaos and give it a unified field.